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 India is the world’s 6th largest energy consumer, consuming about 3% of the world’s total energy per year. In the face of growing demand, India’s electricity sector faces problems of capacity, poor reliability, and frequent blackouts. Everyday, the atmosphere is polluted by emission carbon dioxide through the electricity sector which work towards producing more and more energy to meet this growing demand. Excessive & continuous consumption of energy contributes to environmental degradation & global warming and inturn would contribute to the destruction of the nation & the world. As global warming becomes more of a factor, reducing power consumption and energy conservation becomes more and more important. Climate change is a greater threat to humanity than terrorism and no less urgent
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A light enhancer for Sodium
Vapor & Metal Hallide Lamps
A Power Saver product for
Saves power by 50 to 75% and maintains the same fan speed info@cronyelectronics.com
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