We present UPS system that have certain unique features like the following:

• Constant voltage
• Constant frequency source
• Virtually noiseless design
• Wide input voltage range without switching over to battery
• ATM charger for long battery life

It is available in 1kva - 25kva, 1 phase and 3 phase models. It has an input voltage of 230v ac 1 phase +15% - 20% and an output voltage of 230v ac +/-1%. Comes with input frequency of 50hz+/-3.0 hz and an output frequency of 50 hz+/-0.3hz. The UPS systems protect from short circuit, output overload and short circuit amongst the many other factors. It finds application in the following:

• OT lighting
• Computer
• Fan/lighting load
• ICCU ambulance
• Suction pump
• Halogen lamp
• Ventilator
• Compressor
• Digital x-ray
• Telecommunication devices
• Ultra sound machine


DigiGuard (For AC)

Electronic Ballast
(For Tube lights)

(For Metal Halides
& Sodium Vapor)
Digital Inverter
Digital Stabilizer
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