Our latest INNOVATION is a light enhancer for sodium vapor & metal halide
lights for the very first time in India known as the Eata Illuminator.

Illuminators are powerful devices for power savings in metal halides &
sodium vapor.

These are highly applicable in endpoint fiber applications like:

  • Street Lights
  • Advertising Boards or Banners


  • A State of the Art product for Metal Hallide & Sodium Vapor Lamps.
  • The product produces higher intensity of light compared to conventional ballast.
  • It eliminates the capacitor & ignitor, which results in the cut down of maintenance cost.
  • It saves power upto 40%, maintains steady lux level even at low voltage of 160 V,
    hence it’s a most ideal replacement to the conventional choke.
  • Compact Size to fit in existing control Gear Box.
  • Dimming effect at off-peak hours to add on saving.
  • Minimizes transmission losses.
  • Increased Depreciation under the Income Tax Act upto 80% of Capital Expenditure
    i.e. savings of tax at Rs. 27.20 for Capex of Rs.100.
  • Tested & Certified by Regional Testing Centre (RTC), Mumbai.


  • A State of the Art product for Metal Hallide & Sodium Vapor Lamps.
  • Input Voltage: 160 – 280 V
  • Input Frequency: 50 Hz +/– 2%
  • Rated Wattage:
    a) 70W   b) 100W   c) 150W   d) 250W   e) 400W
  • Operating Frequency: 20 to 50 KHz
  • Output Power Factor: Better than 0.95
  • Harmonics: < than 10%


  • Electricity Company : BEST
  • Municipal corporations : Pune Municipal Corporation
  • State Government Organizations : MIDC
  • Advertising and Media Company : Laqshya Outdoor Media


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Metal Hallide Lamps
Mercury Vapor Lamps












DigiGuard (For AC)

Electronic Ballast
(For Tube lights)

(For Metal Halides
& Sodium Vapor)
Digital Inverter
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