Electronic Ballast (For Tube lights)

We manufacture an efficient range of energy saving electronic ballast for 2 ft. & 4 ft. -t8 & t12 lamps. Our electronic ballast has high power that is more than 0.94. It saves energy up to 40 % and comes with an instant start and flicker free operation feature. It is also available with low start-up voltage i.e. from 100 vac. There is low loss of power consumption and low heat is generated. It has wide operating range to take care of voltage fluctuations. Energy saving for high frequency electronic ballast is up to 22w in comparison with conventional ballast of which the consumption in case of tube light is 55w.

Input voltage ranges from 100 vac to 270/300 vac and input current is 140ma typical at 240 vac. Harmonics are less than 30% and the operating frequency is 25/45 kHz. It is available with instant lamp starting ignition method and lamp-starting voltage is 100 vac. The electronic ballast provides power factor of 0.95 typical and input wattage is of 32w. These energy saving electronic ballast are also available with many other features and some are suitable for domestics / low duty operations whereas others are suitable for heavy duty and continuous cycles of operation like industries and offices.



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Electronic Ballast
(For Tube lights)

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