Digital Inverter

Our company manufactures an array of digital inverters of the Eata brand. Our digital inverter has a high frequency coupled with high and stable output voltage. Our products is an automatic device that has protection against battery overcharging and low battery. This type of inverter has a phase controlling charger that has an input ranging between 130v – 280v. It also has a battery that can take care of ultra low battery.

Our digital inverter also has facility for overload protection and has an auto restart feature that enables protection from short circuits. This range is extensively used for the following applications:

• OT lighting
• Computer
• Fan/lighting load
• ICCU ambulance
• Suction pump
• Ventilator
• Compressor
• Digital x-ray
• Telecommunication devices
• Ultra sound machine



DigiGuard (For AC)

Electronic Ballast
(For Tube lights)

(For Metal Halides
& Sodium Vapor)
Digital Inverter
Digital Stabilizer
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