We present an assortment of digiguard which is a power saving device sold
under the brand name of Eata. This system not only provides comfort but also saves power. Some of its relevant technical specifications are as follows:

• Load current- 30 amps
• Under voltage - 180 +/- 5v
• Over voltage - 260 +/- 5v
• Delay time – Approx. 3 minutes
• Rated voltage - 220/240 voltage, ac 1 phase / 3 phase of 50hz frequency.

The digiguard has an automatic programmer that results in an efficient and economical performance. There is no inconvenience of switching the AC on and off because of its micro controller technology. The device is protected from under voltage below 180 v and over voltage above 260 v. It provides built in energy saving on/off auto programmable timer from one minute to 24 hours with digital display and comes with delay timer and auto restart. Digiguard devices are easy to install, avoids additional switching arrangement, saves electricity and reduces maintenance thus improving the life of the instrument.

It is ideal for windows, split AC, package units, deep freezers, water coolers and other applications and if asked for is also incorporated with stabilizer for power fluctuation prone area. Indeed a device, which saves energy and recovers, cost in less than 6 months.

  • It protects the equipment from under Voltage below 180 V
    & over Voltage above 260V.
  • Provides delay timer & auto restart.
  • Provides built in energy saving ON/OFF Auto Programmable Timer
    from 1 min to 24 hrs with Digital Display.
  • Avoids additional switching arrangement.
  • Saves electricity as per your settings.
  • Reduces maintenance & improves life of equipment
  • It works on Micro Controller Technology.
  • Recovers cost in less than 6 months.
  • Electronic Locking System to avoid misuse.
  • Tested & Certified by ERTL (Mumbai).


  • Rated Voltage: 220/240 V A.C. 1 phase/ 3 phase @ 50 Hz
  • Load Current: Upto 30 Amps
  • Under Voltage: 180 +/- 5 V
  • Over Voltage: 260 +/- 5 V
  • Delay Time: 3 minutes approx


Window Air Conditioners
Split Air Conditioners
Package / Ductable Split Air Conditioners
Water Coolers & Deep Freezers



DigiGuard (For AC)

Electronic Ballast
(For Tube lights)

(For Metal Halides
& Sodium Vapor)
Digital Inverter
Digital Stabilizer
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